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  • CNR Central Library "G. Marconi"

    Biblioteca Centrale "G. Marconi"

    Established in 1927, the Biblioteca Centrale "G. Marconi" [Central Library "G. Marconi"] is the main Italian multidisciplinary library devoted to Science and Technology.

    It supervises the whole CNR Library System, structured into 20 Research Area libraries and 80 libraries and documentation centers of the CNR Institutes located throughout Italy.

    Among its tasks, the Library collects and preserves the scientific publications and technical reports edited in Italy.

    It acts as National Reference Point for the acquisition and promotion of Grey Literature within the OpenGrey European Network (System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe) and it is appointed as Italian ISSN Center (International Standard Serial Number).

    It is acknowledged as a CDE Documentation Center and, therefore, as a member of EUROPE DIRECT, the European Information Network designated by the European Commission. It also participates in the formulation and development of ISO-UNI standards.

    CNR Rome Library

    Library of the Pisa CNR-Area

    Library of the CNR-Area in Pisa

    The Library of the CNR-Area in Pisa was founded in 2000 with the purpose of collecting the bibliographic and documentary resources of the Institutes located in the Area and to support the informational needs of the scientific community.

    The core activities of the Library focus on library automation, digital libraries, Open Access, Grey Literature, and web-based information services

    Sharing its available resources and instruments, the Library promotes the collaboration with other national and international library systems.

    The Library subscribes and promotes the principles and actions of the Open Science community, giving information about national and international initiatives and managing services for the institutes located in the Area and the interested authors.

    CNR Pisa Library