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Twenty-Second International Conference on Grey Literature

"Applications of Grey Literature for Science and Society"

November 19, 2020 - online Conference

Call for Papers

While Grey Literature encompasses all fields of study, over the years a number of areas have been more forthcoming in their production, publication, and uses of grey literature.

Together, these underscore the title of GL2020, "Applications of Grey Literature for Science and Society".

GL2020 is open to all sectors of government, academics, business and industry and welcomes content contributions worldwide.

Why you should submit to GL2020

Grey literature has a long-standing tradition and it is a mosaic of different documentary types: from scientific papers to a wide range of technical or administrative materials, produced by public or private institutions, associations, industries and foundations at local, national or international level.

In the age of Open Science, which aims to broaden the boundaries of knowledge and make them accessible to the general public, grey literature maintains a crucial role.

Indeed, it is inclusive of a wide range of documentary materials that are not always easily accessible.

It contributes to the knowledge and deepening of wide-ranging themes of great interest for the citizenry, such as environmental protection, health and justice, bringing to light urgent social needs and priorities.

GL2020 offers an important opportunity to meet an international community that has been studying grey literature and its evolution for decades.

The community is large enough to be diversified and lively, but small enough to allow wide interaction between participants and friendly participation in the events offered.

Areas of Interest (Communities of Knowledge and Practice):

  • Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries
  • Economics, Information science, Legal issues
  • Bio-Medicine, Health Science
  • Earth Sciences, Environment, Natural Resources
  • Other fields related to Grey Literature

Submission Guidelines

Participants who seek to present a conference paper dealing with grey literature are invited to submit an English language abstract.

The abstract should address the problem/goal, the research method/procedure, as well as the anticipated results of the research.

Abstracts are the only tangible source that allows the Program Committee to guarantee the content and balance in the conference program.

Abstracts not in compliance with the guidelines will be returned to the author for revision.

Due Date and Method of Submission

Abstracts can be submitted starting February 7 closing on April 7, 2020 (extended).

The author will receive verification upon its receipt.

Shortly after the Program Committee on April 24, 2020, the authors will be notified of their place on the conference program.

This notice will be accompanied by further guidelines for submission of full text papers, biographical notes, accompanying research data, PowerPoint slides, and required Author Registration.